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14      Winter Quarter Begins 

24/25  We are closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.




2        Competition Team Begins!

10     "Christmas Shopping" Parent's Night Out - Drop the kids off for a night of fun and games. Pizza and

         drinks provided. (5:30-9:00) REGISTER HERE.

20      Dojo Closed for two-week break ​



3      Dojo Re-Opens for regular classes


9      Black Stripes Begin - This semester we will have a definite start and stop date for our

        personal achievement stripes. Each family will choose TWO tasks for their child to get better at.  We call these          Home Team stripes.  For instance, make their bed or brush their teeth for two minutes straight.  Anything they          need to get better at, YOU DECIDE.  Each student will receive a sheet to log each day for three

        weeks.    PRINT OUT A STIPE LOG HERE

​21    Double Nunchaku Seminar - Saturday. 1:30pm.  Come learn how to twirl and swing two nunckucks at the       

        same time!  You will learn a simple kata called Pinan Shodan no Nunchaku.  We'll have a GREAT time. 

        REGISTER HERE.  



18       First AKS Tournament in Avon - Full details and REGISTER HERE.    

10       Dojo Cleaning, 7:10pm for 30 minutes.  REGISTER HERE. 


22/23 Belt Promotion -  IN CLASS     



 Note1: Activities in bold are extra-curriculars for blue stripes 

Note2:  Hourly requirement this semester = 22. 

Note3: If all extra curriculars have been skipped, you must schedule a private class at the front desk.

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