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20        New Semester starts



23/24 We will be CLOSED Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving



9        Competition Team training begins (also Black Belt Test in Noblesville).



16        “Christmas Shopping” Parents Night Out -- Drop the kids off for some super fun.

           Pizza and drinks provided. 5:30-9:00pm.  REGISTER HERE.



25        Dojo Closed for two-week Winter Break



8        Dojo re-opens for regular classes



10      Black Stripes begin (Due Jan. 31st)



20     Filipino Stick Fighting Seminar – Saturday (3:15-4:15pm) - Come learn a fun

          introduction to the art of Arnis! Learn how to twirl and swing two sticks at the same

          time! We'll have a GREAT time. REGISTER HERE.



2       Dojo Cleaning – Friday night, 7:10 for 30 minutes.



10      First AKS Tournament in BROWNSBURG. All are welcome to participate! Please

          see our parent site for full details.



21/22  Belt Promotion in class



Note: (Activities in bold are extra-curriculars for blue stripes)



Note: Hourly requirement this semester = 22. You may miss two classes (on top of our two week closing over Christmas) without Friday night Make-ups.

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