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26     New Semester starts




16     Indiana AAU State Qualifier Tournament - Held at Brownsburg East Middle School. See Details on If you’ve never been to a tournament you are eligible to go and spectate for a blue stripe.  SEE DETAILS HERE.


23     Weapon Seminar: Come learn the basics of the BO, or staff. We will be starting a weapons class soon so this would be a great introduction! We’ll learn the basic moves and stances putting them together into a basic form. Bo will be provided for use. 3:30-4:30PM. Sign up online or at the front desk. REGISTER HERE.



1      Zionsville Spring Break. We will be open this week with a special schedule of classes to be posted/emailed two weeks prior.

6     Competition Team does NOT meet on this day.

8      We will be CLOSED for the solar eclipse. 

13     Battlefield at Lion’s Park in Zionsville. 3:30-5:00pm. Two armies bearing our specially made foam swords battle it out in various exciting scenarios. Show up with play clothes ready to battle! Sign-up online or at the front desk. Meet at the pavilion at the front of the park.  REGISTER HERE.

26     Dojo Cleaning – Friday night, 7:10 for 30 minutes.



18      AAU Regional Tournament in Chicago

22/23 Belt Promotion in class


Note: (Activities in bold are extra-curriculars for blue stripes)

Note: Hourly requirement this semester = 22. You may miss two classes without make ups on Fridays.

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